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Stair Balustrades

Iron stairs are seen as a luxury item these days, having being installed in high class cosmopolitan hotels and establishments. However, we design...

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Sculptural Work - Public Art

We have worked along with some of the most prestigious designers and artists in Northern Ireland to create some very special and bespoke...

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Heritage & Conservation Iron Work

As active members of The Irish Artist Blacksmith Association (IABA) and The British Artist Blacksmith Association (BABA) we are more than qualified to take...

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Bespoke Commissions

We often have clients approach us to design and make ‘that something special’ for their loved ones. We can create almost anything that...

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Our main goal in making any of projects is to promote the ancient art of blacksmithing but casting a new light onto the skills that we possess. We can create beautiful pieces of art not only for the home and private commissions but also for large scaled public art pieces, endeavouring to use as much traditional joinery and methods to do so.

Clients are normally shocked that blacksmiths still exist, and still draw up the typical image of a man shoeing a horse; blacksmiths like most traditional skills have adapted and changed to suit the needs of their clients and have moved with the times to not only ensure that the Art of Blacksmithing is kept fully alive but also to educate people that metal can still be manipulated in more ways than they can imagine.


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