About Us

Here at Ballinliss Forge we pride ourselves on producing not only a very unique and traditional service but also a service which we can guarantee will last a lifetime.

We use traditional blacksmithing techniques to manipulate a range of metals; from iron to copper, to create our commissions, which can range from stair balustrades to sculpture and everything that is in-between.

We have worked along side some of the most achieved and highly recognised Designers, Architects and Artists on all kinds of projects in the public sector, in all corners of Ireland and the UK.

We work along with, and have produced items for private clients producing gates, railings and stair balustrades to meet their needs and budgets.

We also specialise in the restoration and conservation of Historical Ironwork which can only be restored and handled properly using traditional methods. We are also listed on the Ulster Architectural Heritage society (UAHS) for producers of Ironmongery and Iron restoration specialists.

We are active members of both the Irish and British Artist Blacksmith associations (IABA & BABA) regularly attending events which introduce us to new techniques and materials and bring new knowledge and understanding to forging processes.

With our 23 years experience our work is constantly praised for its high level of craftsmanship, finish and quality of materials.

Feel free to have a look through our portfolio of work or to email or phone us for your project requirements.