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Stair Balustrades

Iron stairs are seen as a luxury item these days, having being installed in high class cosmopolitan hotels and establishments. However, we design & create hand forged staircases & balustrades to suit any budget, from simple & timeless designs to the most decedent and extravagant of designs.

We use brass, stainless steel and glass as well as mild steel in our projects. Our stair balustrades come with a professional, bespoke and hassle free fitting service.

Private Residence, Co. Monaghan, Ireland

For this project, we were were given the task of working with both marble and wood, which is quite unique in its self. The curved walnut panelling was made perfectly which allowed us to fit the balustrades to; with more ease than we had anticipated. Woodwork: Solid Walnut Handrail and panelling.


Private Residence, Cookstown, Co. Tyrone

We were very fortunate to have worked along with Interior designer Suzanne Garuda for this particular project. These stairs span 3 floors and were completed with a bespoke hand carved walnut handrail and step.



Private Residence, Co. Down

This project found us working along with a local glass artist, who had the difficult task of making glass inserts into our ballustrades, which really compliment the ironwork.


Private Residence, Co. Armagh

Hand Forged Balustrades with covex moulded stainless steel handrail with ball detailing.