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About Us

Here at Ballinliss Forge we pride ourselves on producing not only a very unique and traditional service but also a service which we can guarantee will last a lifetime.

We use traditional blacksmithing techniques to manipulate a range of metals; from iron to copper, to create our commissions, which can range from stair balustrades to sculpture and everything that is in-between.


Traditional Riveted Gates

Another style of gates and railings which we specialise in are ones which are traditionally riveted and forged. This has been known over the years as the ‘Mourne’ style gate, a design that goes back hundreds of years in Northern Ireland. The style and form are typically made using very traditional blacksmithing techniques, some of which you can see in our Blacksmith methods page, with absolutely no modern techniques being used to create the gates; hot punching & riveting as well as tenor joins are heavily used. 



Stair Balustrades

Iron stairs are seen as a luxury item these days, having being installed in high class cosmopolitan hotels and establishments. However, we design & create hand forged staircases & balustrades to suit any budget, from simple & timeless designs to the most decedent and extravagant of designs.

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